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Skills clinics...

We at MTBFit will provide you with the tools to enable you to RIDE CLIMB CORNER DECEND smoother faster and safer.

We run you through the basic to advanced tips depending on your ability and skill level.

With over 25 years experience as a Mountain Bike Rider and Racer I can get you to where  you want to be with your riding or racing and I don't pretend to know it all.

We all can learn from others.

 Look at the every way possible to get you to ride in a better way.

MTBFit offers  mountain bike training on the best trails around. Beginner, intermediate and advanced courses are available as well as our new leisurely Guided Tours. Based in the North West of England our professional mountain bike instruction:

  • improves skills
  • helps you mountain bike more safely
  • understand mountain bike maintenance
  • ride more challenging trails.

MTBfit takes your riding to the next level - first-class mountain bike instruction and training for mountain bikers of all levels.

MTBfit training takes place on both weekday and weekend mountain bike courses. We offer skills courses on trails in the Lytersfield, MT Dandenong or on your local tracks, near Melbourne.

Learn bike set up and maintenance, trail tips, drop-offs, braking techniques, riding positions and many more essential mountain biking skills.

MTBfit is dedicated to supplying best possible  mountain bike instruction to mountain bikers of all levels – from youths to more mature riders! We have the mountain biking skills course and training for you.

Check out the mountain bike pictures and read the feedback to get inspired

contact us or mobile 0409149912,


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