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MTBFIT has been around from the end of 1994 by myself, Robert Faull a champion Mountain Biker and offers an unrivalled level of service with its unique and fresh approach.

My approach to personal coaching is in the name. Without meaning to pinch another company's slogan "it's good to Talk". The philosophy of the business is all about clear, effective communication, and that means regular talking.


It is my personal belief that a successful consultant builds success in his or her clients through exemplary communication. This involves listening, understanding and making any recommendations crystal clear. This is why I insist on meeting with you and discussing your performance face-to-face. If geography prevents us from doing this, regular interaction over the telephone is essential.

Consultations also incorporate a strong educative component. You are encouraged to learn about how and why one achieves excellence in the sport of cycling, making you independent and hence less reliant on me in the future.

Whilst solid, proven scientific principles form the structure of any performance and excellence program, it is important also to recognise the spiritual elements of cycle sport. You will be treated as an individual and will learn about self-awareness, to help you understand your own body.

contact us or mobile 0409 149 912 


MTBFIT- Robert Faull contact me or mobile 0409149912